Firearm Details & Info

Basic Information

Jexters Auctions is now auctioning and taking consignments of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. If you would like to consign your firearms for auction, please contact David Craig at Jexters Auctions.

Due to tragic recent events, firearms are on everyone's mind right now. This information is intended to ease any concerns about buying or selling firearms at auction. We can all agree that it is of critical importance that buying and selling firearms must be done legally, safely, and with complete transparency. 

There is no question that firearms prices over time are increasing. If you decide to sell your firearms, auctions are one of the best ways to maximize your return. Here are some key points about how Jexters Auctions handles the sale of firearms.

The Right Choice

  • David Craig, principal managing member of Jexters Auctions, is a licensed FFL dealer with training in and knowledge of federal and local laws
  • To conduct the sale of firearms legally, firearm transfers must be conducted at the licensee's registered address. Our license location is 476 E. Riverside Drive, Ste. B9, St. George, UT 84790
  • We accept consignments, conduct the auctions, and transfer all consigned firearms at and from our registered address
  • We have secure gun safes in an area that is monitored by security cameras
  • Firearms sold and shipped to out of state bidders must be transferred to a licensed FFL dealer in that state
  • All buyers are required to complete the form 4473 and submit to a background check prior to taking possession of any firearm
  • All firearms brought into our facility are recorded in our firearms log, and purchase records are maintained for five years as required by Federal Law